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Holly Missio-Spiteri

M Couns & App Psych Th
BAppSc OT (Hons)

Mob: 0466 142 126

Why 'Luminous' Counselling?

I love the word Luminous  - a warm steady light. This word holds so much meaning for me.

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Registered Member of the
Australian C
ounselling Association
The Counselling Process
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People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes what is needed is clear and can be conveyed in words. Other times there is some sort of feeling of stress, emptiness or lack of ease in life. What ever way you present is welcome in the room.


About Me

My name is Holly Missio-Spiteri and I am a counsellor/psychotherapist working in Erina on the Central Coast of NSW. I have completed a Masters of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (Jansen Newman Institute). My style is relaxed, warm and curious and my approach is humanistic, wholistic and integrative.

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HowCan Counselling Help?

I am available to support you in the following areas:

  • Inner work around boundaries, self-defeating patterns, people-pleasing, rescuing, perfectionism, high self-criticism, over-intellectualising and emotional numbness.

  • Understanding and integrating the impact of difficult life events

  • Working with persistent difficult emotions like abandonment, fear, anger, sadness and resentment

  • Exploring stuck patterns in relationships (please note, I do not offer couples or family therapy)

  • Improving communication, increasing assertiveness and support with having difficult conversations

  • Managing life transitions

  • Exploration around big life questions such as the meaning of my life, what it is to live a good life and functioning well in a world that can often seem so full of negativity.

Please note: Luminous Counselling does not provide  crisis or urgent mental health support. If you are in need of urgent mental health assistance, contact the Mental Health Access Line on 1800 011 511. In an emergency contact 000 or attend your local emergency department.



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I highly recommend Holly, I was going through a really tough time mentally and physically with some medication I had to take as well as situations going on in my life. Holly really helped me to work through it all. The techniques Holly used really helped me to see who I really was and how to deal with the negative self talk. I will be forever grateful. Holly was very calm and knowledgeable, she understood me, reassured me and I felt safe. I trusted Holly and was able to open up and work through my struggles.

Thank you for everything Holly, I am back to my normal self and thriving again.

Client B. S