The Counselling Process

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People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes what is needed is clear and can be conveyed in words. Other times there is some sort of feeling of stress, emptiness or lack of ease in life. What ever way you present is welcome.

The act of stepping into the counselling process is a courageous one! For the most part, our current world is oriented towards avoiding ourselves through distraction and working overtime to attain and accomplish what we hope will make life 'good' or 'better' . Taking some time to stop and explore our inner world and to sense the truth of where we are (even though we may not like it!), is a brave step.

For most, therapy is a winding road and it is very common to feel that one moves forwards, backwards, sideways and diagonally! A broad goal of each counselling session is to develop greater self-understanding – to place the events of our life in a coherent story….the story of who we are and how we came to be right here. Once we understand our personal history, we can make choices about how we wish to go forward, about what ways of ‘being in the world’ will help us continue onwards, and what old patterns don’t serve us anymore. We can then reorient towards finding ‘the next step forward’ from a more grounded place that is responsive to our circumstances.

When it comes down to it, wherever we go, there we are! It is our life that is unfolding moment-by-moment. So,  it makes sense to pause, take a look around inside and outside of ourselves and get clear on what is going on and the path that we are heading along.

If this interests you, I welcome you to book online or make contact and we can have a brief chat to see if my approach might be a good fit for you. You are also welcome to have a first session, with no ongoing obligation, to see how it feels for you.

If you decide to continue counselling, I suggest having weekly sessions for the first 3 to 4 weeks at least, so that we have the opportunity to really explore the issues that are arising for you and build momentum with our work together.  However, of course, I am happy to work around your availability and requirements.

The rate per 60 minute session is $125.00, which is payable at the end of the session, by cash or debit/credit card.

Unfortunately at this time, Counsellors and Psychotherapists are not included in the Medicare Mental Health Care Plan scheme. I have endevoured to keep my fee as close as possible to the gap fee payable when seeing a psychologist (as Medicare does not usually cover the full fee to see a psychologist and a 'gap' fee is payable by the client).

I also see clients who are unable to visit the Central Coast, through the use of video conference (Zoom).