Why 'Luminous' Counselling?


Luminous – a warm, steady light - represents a central and necessary holding that is co-created by counsellor and client in the therapy room. The warmth comes from the heart, which infuses the therapy space with compassion and care. The light comes from the mind’s intelligent awareness, which brings balance, perspective and understanding.

The word ‘Luminous’ also hints at the paradoxical nature of suffering. Out of our dark experiences and the shadowy places within us, a light of insight, meaning or truth can burst through. In holding both the pain of the darkness and the light of understanding, the possibility of claiming new ways of being in the world emerges.

At the most fundamental level, ‘Luminous’ also describes an aspect of our potential as human beings. Underneath the tightness of our patterns, our defenses and our ego structures, there is an aspect of humanity, of each of us, that is radiant, open, objective and present. This is the part of ourselves that supports us to see and understand our truth, as we explore our inner world. When we feel despondent about our situation or about the world at large, this is where our hope resides - in gradually stripping back the layers of our conditioning and edging closer to our own luminosity.

sad person luminous person.jpg